Windows Mobile

WaypointTool Mobile
version 1.3
30 jan 2010

WaypointTool Mobile is a program to manage waypoints. It is a stripped down version of the PC application WaypointTool (see below). With this program you can edit GPX and Tomtom (OV2) waypoint files and convert between these two formats.
Caution: This program is meant for small files. When used with larger files it may become slow or 'outof-memory' errors may occur.


WptList version 1.12
20 jun 2011

WptList is a small commandline tool for managing waypoint files. It's use is intended for (but not limited to) geocaching. Some of its features:

  • Merge several files into one output file
  • Convert files between various file formats. Supported file types are: GPX, LOC, OV2, CSV and TXT.
  • Filter parking waypoints from waypoint lists. This might be handy if you want to put these parking waypoints into your car navigation system
  • Split waypoint lists into different destination files, depending on the geocache type.
  • Split waypoint lists above/below a given latitude or longitude.
Run the program on the command line, without any parameters, to see a list of all its features and options.

You need to install the .NET framework (v 2.0 or higher) to run this program.

This program replaces WptConvert, WptSplit, WptParking and GpxMerge which used to be available through this site.

version 1.11
24 sep 2010

WaypointTool is a program to manage waypoints. I use it to keep a list of my solved mystery caches, to calculate coordinates between RD (Dutch Grid) and to view waypoint locations in Google Maps. You can load and save waypoint files of various file formats.

PhotoRename version 1.1
5 nov 2008

PhotoRename is a small tool for renaming jpg files to the format "yyyymmdd_hhmmss.jpg". The date and time information is read from the exif data in the jpg file.

version 1.14
31 jan 2008

This is a utility that shows a list of how many files and bytes there are in each subdirectory. You can hook this tool to your right mouse button menu, when browsing in explorer. It also can sort directories by size or number of files.

FTP uploader
version 1.0.6
28 jan 2006

FTP Uploader is a small and easy to use program to send files from your computer to your own personal webspace. A second function of the program is that it puts the names of the uploaded files on the clipboard so that you can use these names immediately. This last function can be handy for example when you're writing in a web-forum.

version 1.20
30 aug 2003

HACP is a simple but handy CD player with support for freedb (the alternative for CDDB), CD TEXT, multiple CDROM drives, Key2Audio fix. The program has multiple user interfaces: a normal view, a very basic "tiny view", and it can be minimized to the tray.

version 1.18
2 aug 2001

HIRC is an IRC client. It's quite small and easy to use. It supports CTCP, DCC, scripts, ect...


Wdir version 1.54
24 jun 1996

This is a very handy utility. The name stands for "Window DIRectory". It is a utility to show the directory in a pop-up window at the DOS- prompt. You'll never have to type "DIR /P" again.

ByteCount version 1.12
28 dec 1996

This is the original ms-dos version of bytecount.