Version info HIRC

1.18 2 aug 2001
  • The TAB order in the dialogs has been fixed. This used to be random.
  • The lines that could be read from the INI files were limited to 80 characters. This resulted in problems when reading the server list.
  • The taskbar button blink option was not implemented correctly for all windows versions.
1.17 13 jun 2001
  • Ignore list. With this list you can suppress text from certain users. Users can be added to this list with the /IGNORE command.
  • The /SYSTEM command. With this command you can run external programs or commands.
  • The /IF command now supports quotes "" around its parameters.
  • The /SERVER command now connects to the given server when it was not already connected. This can now for example be used to auto-connect at startup.
  • The scripts can now also be used in queries. This can be enabled from the options menu.
  • The layout of CTCP request and responses has slightly changed. No big deal.
1.16 4 jun 2001
  • The font color selection was not implemented for the edit window, the nicks window and also the font selection dialog. These font colors always remained black. Therefore it was not possible to choose a black background.
1.15 5 may 2001
  • The website and email address listed in the about box have changed.
1.14 12 feb 2001
  • The handling of TEXT scriptlines has been changed. Instead of using a wildcard ('*'), there are now 3 different types:
    TEXT for an exact match.
    TEXTIN to search for a part of the text.
    TEXTWRD to search for a word within the text.
    Your existing scripts may need to be adjusted!
  • New script-related commands: /BEEP and /MBOX
  • An option to make the taskbar button blink, when new stuff has been written in a channel, while the program was minimized.
  • The ident server didn't always work.
  • Stripping color codes from text for script functions produced wrong results.
1.13 30 oct 2000
  • A button for fast access to the scripts file has been added to the toolbar.
  • A button for fast access to the logfiles has been added to the toolbar.
  • The program now remembers if internal windows are used maximized at startup or not.
  • When internal windows are maximized, creating a new window would change them to their default size.
  • DCC sends used the whole pathname of a file instead of only its filename.
  • Sometimes a window would go into scroll-back mode, while there was no scrollbar visible.
  • The timers for scripts were too inaccurate.
  • The program did not create new .ini files at startup if it couldn't find them.
  • At the closing of the program, the hirc.ini file was sometimes written to another directory.
  • The scripts couldn't handle nicknames with a '|' character. The script would interpret that a script-separator.
  • When the program was closed it didn't send a proper 'QUIT' message.
1.12 22 jun 2000
  • New script related commands: /IF and /SET
  • New identifiers $lastnick, $random, $dayofweek, user-strings ($x1, $x2, etc)
  • Pressing 'PageUp' key in the edit window, will scroll up the above main window
  • TEXT scriptlines can now strip color and formatting codes from the searched strings.
  • Identifiers in manually entered text are not translated anymore.
  • Popup menus in DCC frames would crash.
  • Forgot to write in this document that the format of script-lines had changed in level 1.11
  • A bug regarding the MODE command has been fixed.
  • In some cases nicknames / users were not correctly recognized.
1.11 3 mar 2000
  • Major changes to scripts. You will have to rewrite your scripts.
  • The lines in the file script.ini no longer start with 'n0=' etc. You have to remove those characters.
  • The format of scriptlines has changed.
  • Identifiers have been renamed: $read --> $randline and $readword --> $getline.
  • New identifier $randnick.
  • Identifiers can now start with $$, indicating that they are mandatory. If they are not included an empty string will be returned.
  • New script related commands: /EXEC, /WRITELINE, /ADDLINE, /COPY, /DELETE, /EMPTY, /RENAME, /TIMER and /IDLETIMER.
  • Identifiers in lines entered manually are no longer translated.
  • ANSI colors are now supported.
  • Ident server at start of connection.
  • Scripts didn't work when you were kicked from a channel.
  • MODE command sometimes confused channels and users.
  • Notice messages now go to the main window if neither channels nor queries are chosen for output.
  • Nick changes at start of connection didn't work right.
  • /MSG commands no longer start new query windows. Instead they are printed in the channel window.
1.10 5 jan 2000
  • Minimize buttons added to windows.
  • Users that were kicked were not removed from the nick list.
  • Notify is no longer active when the notify list is empty.
1.09 28 dec 1999
This is the first public version.

Known bugs
  • The text sometimes writes over the scrollbar. (By the way, I haven't seen this happen anymore since I changed to Windows 2000).
  • (not a real bug) Sometimes closing a channel window doesn't seem to work. This is because the program sends a command to the server to close the channel, and the server may be slow.