Version info HACP

1.20 30 aug 2003
  • The user interface can now be strecthed both horizontally as well as vertically.
  • Added an option for fixing problems with large HACP.INI files. Default this fix is off because it slows down accessing the INI file and because the problem didn't seem to appear in the more recent versions of Windows.
  • Updating font and color settings didn't work correctly.
1.19 24 aug 2003
  • Minimize to tray function.
  • The font and colors of the info screen can now be customized.
  • Option to autoplay CD's when HACP starts up.
  • On some systems the size of the HACP.INI file was limited to 64kb.
1.18 15 may 2003
  • The width of the program can now be changed by grabbing the side and stretching it. This can be handy when the titles don't fit on its screen.
  • You can now use the Escape key to toggle between tiny mode and normal mode. The function of the escape key can be set in the Setup menu.
  • The program would give an error if it was started from playing a CD or track in explorer.
  • When a new CD was loaded with the 'close tray' button, the CD would sometimes not play. This bug was not yet properly fixed in version 1.14.
  • When the tray was empty, pressing the tray button would not open the tray.
1.17 16 feb 2003
  • CD info can now be copied to the clipboard with Ctrl-C.
  • Added a FAQ in help file format.
  • The program could not handle CDs like that did not have CD Text info for all tracks. An example is the "We're a happy family - Atribute to Ramones" CD which had a hidden track without CD Text info.
1.16 1 feb 2003
  • Fixed a problem with freedb submissions.
1.15 4 jan 2003
  • On some systems CD TEXT could no longer be read (this bug was introduced in version 1.13).
  • If a song title had an ampersand '&' in it, it would not be displayed correctly in the tracks listing.
1.14 25 dec 2002
  • When a new CD was loaded with the 'close tray' button, the CD would sometimes not play.
  • The freedb "Get Mirror" function now uses the selected server instead of the default server
1.13 15 dec 2002
  • Single Session mode. This may help you to play CDs with copy protection such as Key2Audio. Unfortunatly this will not work on all kinds of CD drives. Some will just not recognize such CDs at all.
  • Minor changes in the Options menu.
  • Right-clicking in the database dialog caused a crash.
  • On some occacions the "Import from CD TEXT" button was enabled in the Edit dialog while the CD didn't have CD TEXT. This causes a crash.
  • The "stop play on exit" option didn't work when the program was exited with the Escape key. Because of the fix, the program may need a few seconds to close down.
1.12 29 apr 2002
  • Changed behaviour of "Play" button when paused. It will now resume the track instead of restart it.
  • New option: Startup in tiny mode.
  • "Edit" dialog slightly re-arranged and a button added for importing from "cdplayer.ini".
  • The screen positions for tiny mode were not remembered.
  • The program could sometimes crash on pushing the "import from INI file" button in the edit dialog.
  • The browse function for searching the "cdplayer.ini" file didn't work correctly".
1.11 25 jan 2002
  • Options menu slighlty re-arranged.
  • New option: Choose if pressing 'Escape' in the main screen will shut the program down or not.
  • New option: Choose if CD will stop playing when program closes or not.
  • New option: Program can remember its last screen position.
  • When going into Tiny mode for the first time, a help screen will be displayed telling the user that he can leave the Tiny mode by pressing 'Escape'. Because this was not obvious for many people.
1.10 19 sep 2001
  • Buttons added in the Edit dialog for importing CD info from freedb and INI file.
  • CD TEXT support had several bugs.
  • Reading CD TEXT while playing the CD, disrupts the playing. As a workaround for this problem, the CD TEXT info is not being read if the program is started while the CD is already playing.
  • Clicking the progress bar while no CD was found, crashed the program.
  • Tracks with empty names could not be written to the INI file.
  • The Clear button in Edit dialog didn't clear year and genre fields.
  • The import buttons in Edit dialog are now disabled when editing info from the database.
  • Importing CD TEXT info in Edit dialog cleared the Extended Data field.
  • The timeout on freedb functions has been increased to 20 seconds.
1.9 25 aug 2001
  • Button addded in Edit dialog for retreiving CD TEXT info. This can be handy in case the info has been editted afterwards.
  • Getting CD TEXT info from a CD with an empty trackname would crash the program. Since this was the case with a rather important CD ("Pearl Jam / Yield"), I made an immediate release for this bugfix.
  • The Edit dialog will not try to save its data if the original CD has been removed in the meantime.
  • Pressing 'Escape' in the Edit dialog would stop the program after leaving the dialog.
1.8 25 aug 2001
  • Support for CD TEXT. (your drive must support it)
  • The time format, as displayed on the screen, can now be selected from the menu.
  • The lead-in of the first track can now be played! This is handy for CDs like "Osdorp Posse - Geendagsvlieg". To do this, play the first track and then press the 'previous' button.
    It is not guaranteed that this option works. It depends on your drive, operating system and whether ASPI drivers are installed. (Also, the first 2 seconds of the lead-in (the default length) still can't be played).
  • Several fixes of bugs that were introduced in version 1.7 but worked fine in previous versions:
    • The 'Eject' button didn't work properly.
    • The program would stay in 'paused' mode after pressing the 'Stop' button.
    • The 'Tracks', 'freedb' and 'Edit' buttons were not disabled when no (audio) CD was present.
    • When no CD was present, the display showed "not ready" instead of "no disc".
  • The progress bar is now disabled while playing the lead-in.
  • In some occasions the program would report invalid track lists on empty CDs.
  • Timeouts on freedb commands increased from 2 to 5 seconds.
  • Chance of temporary "freezing" while scanning CDs is even further reduced.
1.7 19 aug 2001
  • The CD interface functions of the program now run in the background, so when starting the program or inserting a new disc, the program will no longer temporary "freeze". At least not when running Windows NT or 2K.
    This was a quite drastic change, so the program might behave slightly different than before.
  • An option to create a shortcut on the desktop has been added.
  • The program can import CD info from CDPLAYER.INI when it can't find it in its own INI file.
  • It is now possible to edit the database.
  • The categories list in the Edit dialog is now fixed, instead of retrieved from freedb. (This list will never change).
  • When running Windows 9x, the volume type selector was empty. The program now will list a default range of volume types in case it can't retrieve them from the system.
  • Accessing freedb would fail if the username on your system contained spaces.
  • If retrieving the freedb status or 'message of the day' fails, an error message is now displayed.
1.6 12 aug 2001
  • The volume type selector now lists the available controls on your system, instead of a fixed list.
  • When submitting, the 'Extended Data' field was truncated to 80 characters.
1.5 10 aug 2001
  • Submit for freedb was not properly enabled.
  • The were problems with the volume sliders. In some occasions it could crash the program.
1.4 9 aug 2001
  • Removed CDDB support in favor of freedb (the alternative database server).
  • Support for freedb submits.
  • New button in main window for manually editing CD info.
  • Button added for getting a list of freedb mirror servers.
  • Support for freedb protocol level 5.
  • Total CD length and elapsed time are now visible in display.
  • For each CD device a different volume slider device can be chosen.
  • Several minor layout changes.
  • In Tiny View mode, the window would become garbled after a few minutes.
  • Disc IDs for freedb were miscalculated for CDs with 1 track and CDs with extra data tracks.
  • Several minor bugfixes.
1.3 6 may 2001
  • The website and email address listed in the about box have changed.
  • Option to choose an alternative volume slider for CD volume.
1.2 23 jan 2001
  • New buttons:
    • About (used to be invoked by F1 key)
    • Tiny size (used to be a separate program: MiniCD)
  • Proxy option.
  • Tooltips. (can be enabled or disabled in the options menu)