Version info ByteCount

1.14 31 jan 2008
  • The thousands-separator symbol and date format have been made system locale dependant.
1.13 2 mar 2005
  • Bytecount couldn’t handle files over 4 gigabytes.
  • Bytecount would sometimes work on the parent directory instead of the chosen directory.
1.12 24 nov 2002
  • The save option didn't work anymore. (bug was introduced in 1.10).
1.11 25 jan 2002
  • The columns can now be sorted both upwards and downwards.
  • New option to show the results in kilobytes or megabytes.
  • The menu has changed somewhat and the options can now be accessed from an 'Options' dialog.
  • The number of occupied bytes was calculated incorrectly on some versions of Windows.
  • Version 1.10 still did not show the active directory. This has been fixed.
1.10 19 sep 2001
  • New option for spawning a new ByteCount window for a subdirectory by double-clicking the right mouse-button.
  • Title now shows the active directory instead of "untitled". (bug was introduced in 1.9)
1.9 2 aug 2001
  • The screen font can now be selected.
  • The column widths in the layout of the data when printed, saved or copied to the clipboard will now be the same as on screen.
  • The scanning of directories now takes place in the background. This solves a problem with not being able to stop the scanning with the Escape key. Also, you can now see the results while the scanning still takes place.
  • The program would not print all the pages when printing in landscape mode.
  • The maximum number of files and bytes that the program could view has been increased by a factor 100.
1.8 5 may 2001
  • The website and email address listed in the about box have changed.
1.7 12 feb 2001
  • In the "save to file" and "copy to clipboard" functions, incorrect values for "occupied bytes" were shown.
1.6 17 dec 2000
  • A "Re-Install" option has been added to the menu. (same as the previous manual "Install" option).
  • Changed the Readme.wri file to a Help file.
  • ByteCount now supports disks with more than 4 gigabyte of data.
1.5 12 nov 2000
  • This version comes with an install program.
  • The 'Install' and 'Uninstall' options in the menu have therefore became obsolete. These options are removed.
  • Readme file added. (The file you are looking at now :)
1.4 15 aug 2000
  • "Copy to clipboard" option added.
  • Occupied field added in view.
  • Tab key function removed.
  • Statusbar now shows both total amount of bytes and total amount of occupied bytes.
    (the amount of free bytes is already shown in the explorer statusbar)
1.3 1 aug 2000
  • Standard indicators on statusbar removed (Caps, Num, Scroll)
  • The Tab key toggles the info shown on the statusbar between
    1. total amount of bytes,
    2. total amount of occupied bytes,
    3. amount of free bytes on drive
1.2 27 jul 2000
  • "Save-as" option added.
  • The "wait" dialog now shows the directory ByteCount is working on.
  • "Tree-view" option added
  • Date field added in view.
1.1 (Not released)
1.0 25 jan 1999
  • Printing option added.
  • Walkthrough function added.
  • "Wait" dialog added.
0.0 11 may 1999 (Not released)
Original version.